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Free Download for Android phones blue WhatsApp For this reason, a pile of clones of this instant messaging app has been created.
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January 10, 2023
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Android 5.0 +
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Numerous WhatsApp druggies crave some aesthetic & functional changes in the regular app. For this reason, a pile of clones of this instant messaging app has been created. Yet, many are encyclopedically popular, like Blue WhatsApp Plus. It’s an unusual mileage since you enjoy a blue interface & inbuilt custom features. So, you can consider it a volition to the sanctioned interpretation. utmost of its services are analogous to other WA mods. But it’s better due to its smooth functionality. It has successfully impressed millions of druggies.

No mistrustfulness, Blue WhatsApp Plus is a good choice. Several other mods have stopped working, but this bone is still active. On the other hand, Blue Plus is a fave for those who don’t like the green theme of the sanctioned app. It also lets you acclimate the backgrounds and other corridors of the app. These colors aren’t prickly but smooth. Likewise, it can back up or restore your data when you accidentally cancel it. Other details about this modified edition are as follows. You can get it free of cost from this point

What’s Blue WhatsApp Plus?

We’re damn addicted to simplicity designed by technology, but it’s not just the simplicity that makes us lusty, eh? We also love personalization and hipness. WhatsApp is cool, but suppose you’ll get some fantastic color combinations designed within the same interface ahead of all your musketeers and relative retain? In that case, your vibe would be the most potent among all your WhatsApp connections, and you can show that without fear.

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Now, as we’re talking about personalization, it’d sound wrong not to add Blue WhatsApp Plus by FouadMods to the discussion. There are millions of MODs developed for WhatsApp instant messaging, but Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is best-in-class for personalization and color customization. It contains way more personalizing tactics than all other MODs while asking you for no recreating or one-time payment.

likewise, Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad WhatsApp is a largely compatible Android app that you can download on any of your biases running above Android5.0. roughly, it’s not an app developed for iOS iPhones and iPads, but the Android experience would be cozy enough to make you completely amazed. WhatsApp Plus APK was a sequestration expert, but this blue interpretation by Fouad then’s the customization expert listed on the download link below. You can also try WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK.

Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus:

It’s a streamlined and functional train. You can use it just like its original form. Still, it’s available as a third-party product. Android druggies install & use it unofficially. also, it has nothing to do with Meta like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Now, you’re completely apprehensive about it. All these points are essential to know before you install the BPWA. The ensuing list will clear all your confusion regarding it.

• Share High- Quality Images
• Share 16 MB Audio/ vids
• snap Last Seen
•Anti-View Once
• Disable encouraged
• Custom sequestration
• Call & Chat Settings
• Hide View Status
•Anti-Delete Status
•Anti-Delete dispatches
• Show Blue Ticks after the Reply
• Disable Contact Online Toast
• Blue Themes & Interface
• Change to iPhone Style
• Customize exchanges
• Free to Download & Use

In addition, you can explore colorful fountain styles for drooling & app layout. It means you don’t need to download these sources. also, you can keep your WhatsApp private by locking it with a leg. This security point is still absent in the functionary edition. Only Android 11 & 12 druggies can lock the app by dereliction. Anyway, Blue WhatsApp Plus is at hand. However, also download and install it using the link, If you love its services.

Why did it call Blue WhatsApp plus?

Blue means safety, so as a means of guarding your sequestration it’s called BlueWhatsApp. Facebook owns WhatsApp and you know Facebook is for everyone to use, but some people don’t want their sequestration to be shown in others ’ eyes. So if you want to hide your private exchanges from others, you need to download the BlueWhatsApp Apk app then( BlueWhatsApp Premium Apk) and partake your real phone number only with your family or musketeers.

BlueWhatsApp works impeccably fine on android smartphones and numerous people are using it because of its fresh features like sequestration by using Blue WhatsApp Apk you can hide your phone number from others if you don’t want to partake your details with others.


Allow the installation of this unknown source on your phone. Indeed, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is an unofficial app available with a free license. It’s functional without lodging your device. But WhatsApp MODs are always under threat. Meta is apprehensive about these unofficial APKs. Hence, they don’t bear violation of rules. You may face a ban. therefore, limit yourself to licit products only.


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